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Our farm plans are comprehensive

Your year will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan to start with. Our consultants have developed a full farm planning package. We are confident it offers the most thorough planning and recording system in the land.


Our farm plans include:

  • Paddock rotation plan and record

  • Cropping risk management

  • Variety selection

  • Herbicide resistance management

  • Input budgets (seed, fertiliser and chemical)

  • Projected paddock gross margins

The answers are in the paddock

  • Our service is genuine science-based agronomy.

  • To provide the best advice we have to know what is happening in the paddock. Being in the paddock is the key to any good farm management advice.

  • We offer independent advice on:

  • Crop, pasture and fallow inspections and reports

  • Soil health, plant health and nutrition

  • Weed, insect and disease management

  • Integrated weed management

  • In-paddock diagnosis of crop limitations and deficiencies


Other services

Our service offering also includes:

  • Farm discussion group meetings and training

  • Independent Research Services

  • Project management

  • Variable Rate Input Maps

  • EM 38 Soil Surveys

  • NDVI Imagery

  • AGRIfacts email updates on key management issues

  • Access to the Agworld farm recording system*


*This may require licensing costs.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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