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AGRIvision Agronomy Program

Join the leading force in independent advisory services in Regional Victoria and Southern NSW with AGRIVison. At AGRIVison, we partner with farmers to make the right decisions.


AGRIvision Consultants is dedicated to providing clients with the tools and information that provide the best outcomes for all agricultural businesses. AGRIvision Consultants provide services that include Whole farm planning, project management, drought risk management, farm and paddock monitoring, soil testing,  insect management,  weed management, Nutrient  Management  Plans, EM38 surveying, Precision prescription maps and targeted crop research.


Our two-year Agronomy Graduate Program works to develop talent, taking passionate graduates through a structured process to become knowledgeable agronomists and build a career in farm advisory with the support of a large and renowned agronomic team within AGRIVision and the wider Delta Agribusiness group of companies.



Month 1

Onboarding, Customer Service Introduction to systems and processors.



Month 6 - 12

Assist in Precision Ag and Trials. Crop Monitoring and inspections.

Merchandise Sales.



Month 18 - 24

Work with Precision Ag Team. Crop Insect Monitoring. Build Agronomy client




Month 2 - 6 

Soil Testing and Field Mapping. Learning products, systems and clients. Basic Chemistry

Merchandise Sales.



Month 12 - 18

Trial Assessments, Crop Insect Monitoring.

Take on first clients. Merchandise Sales.

" Joining the Delta Agronomy Program and working with Agrivision has given me a solid foundation within the agricultural industry. Having the support around me and the ability to work in a team environment has advanced my career development and allowed me to appreciate the intricacies of farm enterprises."

Clare Robertson, Graduate Agronomist
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