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About AGRIvision

AGRIvision Consultants are a professional group of independent consultants. Our purpose is  We partner with farmers to make the right decisions.

The group consists of 14 agronomic consultants, researchers and agronomists. AGRIvision Consultants provide absolute and single-minded dedication to delivering solutions that optimise farm productivity, profitability and sustainability by drawing on the individual and group expertise and experience.

AGRIvision Consultants is dedicated to providing clients with the tools and information that provides the best outcomes for all agricultural businesses. AGRIvision Consultants provide services that include Whole farm planning, project management, drought risk management, farm and paddock monitoring, soil testing, insect management, weed management, Nutrient Management Plans, EM38 surveying, Precision prescription maps and targeted crop research.

AGRIvision Consultants are producer-driven, rather than product-driven, assuring recommendations that are tailored to each property's uniqueness of soils, resources, crop and livestock. Our role is discovery, evaluation, education, and assistance for maximising the quality of outputs and use of on-farm resources. Our consultants understand that growing the biggest crops won't necessarily provide the biggest profits. We work closely with our clients to match inputs to potential and strive to maximise profitability.


  • To be recognised as the value leader in agronomic and research advice in the industry

  • To be the key driver of change where economic long-term benefits are available to the grower

  • Become the first choice for scientists, manufacturers and clients to introduce new economically viable technology

  • Continually develop individual and group strengths

  • To have every grower want an AGRIvision Consultants footprint in their paddocks

Our independence is an advantage to your operation

Our consultants are focused on your goals and objectives, not on selling products, you can be sure our services are tailored to the individual needs of your business.

AGRIvision Consultants are an independent source of information that provides solutions to problems on a farm/paddock specific level. Generalisations are out!

Our qualified professionals are specialists in their field. What’s more, you have access to the whole team, not any one individual.

This independence is the platform to help you manage inputs and farm for profit, including:

  • Independent Farm Plan, Rotation, Crop and variety selection

  • Independent soil and tissue test analysis

  • Independent fertiliser comparison and recommendations

  • Independent soil fertility advice addressing soil chemical and physical properties.

  • Independent nitrogen management (if and when required) based on test results, risk management, season/climate, yield potential weed and pest management and post-emergent plant health and diagnostics

  • Your sounding board for the complex decision making

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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