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Meet the team

The AGRVision Consultants behind  your success. 

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Jaron  Bennnett
(Dec.1990 - 2015)

We will always remember Jaron for his unwavering passion. Whatever he did he gave it 100%. He was always so eager and willing to help others and please others. It's like he was living his life to leave a legacy of having a red hot go. Jaron would often take on new responsibilities and was an integral part of the Aglink Agronomy Conference Committee and the GRDC Spray Application Workshops. Jaron gained lot of satisfaction out of helping his clients and went the extra mile to ensure he looked after their farm business. His plans and recommendations were very detailed and were well articulated.Jaron was a natural thinker and leader and earned his respected position in the team. His passion for life, exuberance and infectious smile influenced all of those around him. His legacy is our inspiration, every day.

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Ed Nixon
General Manager

Ed is the General Manager of AGRIvision Consulting and joined the team in 2021. A small-time farmer based in Balldale, Southern NSW, Ed has an extensive agronomy background and is committed to supporting the AGRIvision team and ensuring optimal returns for clients. When not on the farm (his or his clients), Ed spends his time with his wife and three boys and occasionally attempts to get a game of golf.

Billy Forester
Graduate Agronomist
Donald/Marnoo/St Arnaud/Nullawil

Billy joined the AGRIvision team in early 2022, after completing his BSc. in Ag Science at La Trobe University in Melbourne. Having come from a family in Nullawil, Billy has a good understanding and passion for dryland broadacre cropping and ensuring optimal results for his clients. As a North Melbourne supporter, Billy certainly has his flaws (he does have his teeth, though), but the Shinboners’ spirit is strong in him.

Brett Ainsworth.jpeg
Brett Ainsworth
Agronomy Consultant
Swan Hilll & Boort

Brett studied Ag at Latrobe University and then worked several years with the Department of Ag. He then moved into an agronomy role in Swan Hill for several years before heading to Western Australia. Brett worked with farms in Western Australia before taking a role in the mining industry. He maintained his connection with agriculture by contracting to farms at Calingiri. Brett is back in Victoria now living out his passion for agronomy. He is heaviliy involved in finding profitable alternative cropping options for the area. Brett is consulting to growers in dryland and irrigated cropping systems in the Swan Hill to Boort regions.

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Craig Landwehr
Agronomy Consultant

Craig grew up on the family farm at Laen, South West of Donald and farmed that land for a number of years. Following the farm, Craig started as an agronomist in the early 2000's in Donald. He has been involved in the agricultural industry for over 30 years and is now relishing the opportunity as an Independant Agronomist with Agrivision Consultants. Craig is passionate about the local community and the profitabilty and sustainability of the farming businesses he deals with. Craig believes being out in the paddock is critically important as that is where it all happens. Constantly balancing decisions between agronomy and the best return on investment for the grower.

Craig Muir.jpeg
Craig Muir
Agronomy Consultant
Swan Hilll

Craig grew up on small mixed farm at Nyah West. He followed his passion for science and all things practical and graduated in 2004 from Charles Sturt University with First Class Honours in Ag Science. Craig then spent time with the then NSW Agriculture at the Wagga Wagga Ag Institute where he gained valuable agronomic experience working alongside some of the most innovative farmers and renowned research scientists in Australian agriculture. Craig managed several roles and projects in a number of regions throughout NSW in his time with NSW DPI. He moved back to Swan Hill with his family after 10 years away taking on an agronomy role. He honed his skills in dryland and irrigated broadacre summer and winter cropping working in the Mallee and southern NSW. But his passion for independence and providing the most robust farm business solutions lead him to join the team at AGRIvision in 2014. He's a strong advocate for evidence based agriculture and believes good farming grows from good science. His drive to achieve the best solutions for his clients means you'll find him in the paddock rain, hail or shine. The answers are in the paddock so that's where you have to be.

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Dianne Newall
Business Support Officer

Dianne manages the office and administration for AGRIvision at Donald. Dianne has been in this role since June 2005, having worked in the banking industry prior to joining the JSA team and now AGRIvision. She has also studied a Certificate III in Rural Office Practice with The University of Melbourne.

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Jack Flavel
Graduate Agronomist

Originally from Gladstone, SA, Jack has been a member of the AGRIVision team since January 2020. His passion for ag was instilled in him on the family farm, and his interest in sciences at school naturally led him to undertake a BSc. in Ag Science at the University of Adelaide. In his third year of uni, Jack did an internship at Grain Producers in SA, working in Ag Policy. While this provided Jack with great experience, his interest in agronomy led him to apply for the Graduate Ag program with AGRIvision, a decision we are pleased he made. It’s a given that his heritage dictates he is a Crows and Redbacks supporter, which we won’t hold against him, and Jack is also a fan of playing cricket and golf in winter - if he gets some downtime.

Jarrod Brown_edited.jpg
Jarrod Brown
R & D Manager &
Agronomy Consultant
Swan Hill

Jarrod grew up on the family farm at Meatian, Victoria, and still has a strong involvement with the management and operation of the property. After obtaining his Bachelor of Applied Science in Ag, Jarrod has advised growers and conducted research with several organizations including fertiliser companies and DPI Victoria. Jarrod consults to growers and manages the research division for AGRIvision Consultants. He conducts trials to obtain independent results for our contract clients, farm clients, the AGRIvision team and the general farming community. Jarrod has a special interest in precision agriculture and systems management. Jarrod is driven to provide accurate scientific data for projects to deliver solutions against identified agricultural and natural resource management problems. Jarrod is focussed on ensuring the results contain the economic and financial data to help clients make better decisions. Jarrod also provides agronomy consultancy to a number of key farm clients in the region.

Lee McNaulty
Agronomy Consultant
Marnoo/St Arnaud

Lee studied at the University of Melbourne, Longerenong College Campus and graduated in 2005 with an Advanced Diploma of Agriculture. Lee started her agronomy career at Skipton. Lee then moved on to a farm at Logan and started providing agronomy services for AGRIvision in the region. Lee is passionate about providing the best independent agronomy and helping farmers with their crop production and farm management.

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Luke Mahar
Agronomy Consultant
Swan Hill

Luke grew up on the family farm at Nyah West and completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree at the University of Melbourne, Dookie Campus. Following university, he spent some valuable time on the family farm before commencing his agronomy career with North West Ag Services in 2003. As a highly regarded professional farm advisor, Luke has helped many growers adopt no-till farming technology with a "hands-on" approach. Luke also maintains a special interest in foliar disease management and cropping risk management. Having a very close link with his family farm allows Luke to test this technology before delivering the results to clients.

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Rob Sonogan
Agronomy Consultant
Swan Hill

Rob was raised on a small mixed farm and graduated from Dookie Agricultural College in the 1970s. Rob initially managed an intensive piggery that produced bioenergy (methane) from dung to heat the farrowing pens and then moved into agronomy. Rob was a Soil Conservation Officer from 1974 at Charlton, Puckapunyal, Ouyen and Swan Hill. He became an Agronomist at Swan Hill in 1992 with the Ag Department. For over three decades he has grown to understand many of the issues confronting Mallee communities and farmers. Rob has had a unique and privileged position offered by many farmers of a very personal nature to their farming systems and economics. At the same time he has also had access to the latest research findings. He thrives on trying to put together the complete most economic farming system package. Rob also prides himself of having a relatively unrestrained manner of calling a 'spade a spade' and loves a challenge. His experience is a great asset to Mallee farms.

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Tom Lord
Agronomy Consultant

After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science Agriculture from the University of Melbourne Dookie campus, Tom started working as a research science officer with BCG. Tom was responsible for a range of GRDC projects including brome grass control and herbicide resistance trials at a range of sites. After a year in this role Tom was employed by Harm van Rees, principal consultant of CropFacts Pty Ltd as a consultant. Tom worked with a group of clients in an area covering the North Central Victoria, Northern Wimmera and South east Mallee. In this time Tom developed a passion for climate and local area weather patterns. Tom is an owner of a grain growing business in the northern Wimmera where he maintains a direct influence. He enjoys a balance of both the practical and consultancy based agronomy. Tom is a leader in Fluid Fertiliser Technology in the Mallee.

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