"Helping Growers Make the Right Decisions"


Our farm plans are comprehensive

Your year will not go according to plan if you do not have a plan to start with. Our consultants have developed a full farm planning package. We are confident it offers the most thorough planning and recording system in the land.

Our farm plans include:

  • Paddock rotation plan and record
  • Cropping risk management
  • Variety selection
  • Herbicide resistance management
  • Input budgets (seed, fertiliser and chemical)
  • Projected paddock gross margins

The answers are in the paddock

Our service is genuine science based agronomy.

To provide the best advice we have to know what is happening in the paddock. Being in the paddock is the key to any good farm management advice.

We offer independent advice on:

  • Crop, pasture and fallow inspections and reports
  • Soil health, plant health and nutrition
  • Weed, insect and disease management
  • Integrated weed management
  • In-paddock diagnosis of crop limitations and deficiencies

Other services

Our service offering also includes:

  • Farm discussion group meetings and training
  • Independent Research Services
  • Project management
  • Variable Rate Input Maps
  • EM 38 Soil Surveys
  • NDVI Imagery
  • AGRIfax fax/email updates on key management issues
  • Access to the Agworld farm recording system*

*This may require licensing costs.